Download Latest Google Play Store App Apk 2018

Latest Google Play Store App Download Apk 2018

2017 For Android Google Play Store App Download Apk 2018 For Android

Google Play Store App Download Apk 2017 For Android-Google Play Store is a winning app store that helped people around the world and it is the first ever play store came into history. The best thing of Google Play Store is Google owns it and they are updating apps on daily basis even every second.Google Play is as a gift for everyone as Google have gifted us by providing this in every Mobile for free.

Somehow i have seen that some of the Smart phone doesn’t have this Play store integrated.This post is specially for them, You don’t need to blame Mobile manufacturers for this because of this common issue,we are here to resolve this. You might be wondering if it is really possible to install Google Play Store Manually.

Download Latest Google Play Store Apk Free

The Google Play Store Apk get updated frequently and that indeed a great news but the bad part is, it take weeks to gt updated or for few people even longer to get the newest version.But the basic functions of Google Play store Free Download Never Changes so being stuck on the older version isn’t bad all you think. We want to have latest version to not to face any kind of problem while downloading any app through that.

Step:1 Check Current Version

The very first thing i would recommend you to go through is, check the current version of Google Play store App Download For Android Tablet .This can be done via following steps below..

  • Open Main menu of your smartphone.
  • Open settings by tapping on setting icon.
  • Scroll down and tap on Apps.
  • Move right at the column of “All”.
  • Scroll down and find Google Play Store.
  • Tap on it and see Current Version.

Make sure you are compatible with latest version otherwise it may make a harm into your device. You will be able to update your Google Play store Free Download with the latest version.Latest Google Play Store App Download Apk 2018

Step:2 Enable unknown Source

Unknown source had been older option and it is included in every smart phone and the feature that we often use. but the bad part is we use it for the purpose of installing such apps that are suspicious in any malware. But if we download it with open eyes, it won’t hurt us. We will be doing this by the help of open eyes means you should have any Antivirus in your smart phone to get to know whether the app is good to go with or not. With the following steps below you will be able to Enable unknown source in your smart phone so we can move forward to install Google Play Store App.

To Enable unknown source,

  • Open main menu in your smart phone.
  • Tap on setting icon and open Your settings.
  • Scroll down and open the security option.
  • Tap on unknown source to check the box you will see a warning pop up will appear just skip it and tap on OK button to tick the box.

How to Download Google Play Store App on Android & install?

Click on Download Button Below, tap on the app and click on install. after that Login with Your Gmail account and you have latest Google Play Store Updated.

i have seen people are still having issues with this. so why don’t you update Google play store Manually? there are simple steps given below to apply.

How to Update Google Play Store Manually?

To update Google Play store on your android, Open Play store App and go to settings, scroll down and click on Build Version Like this below screenshot, if You are up to date Already it won’t update it again. But if you are out of date then surely it will update Google Play Store app on Your Android.

Google Play Services Apk Download 2018

Google Play Services Are the essential App that supports Google play store keep up to date. it updates Your Google Play Apps frequently, including this it also sync your contacts  and access all the privacy settings. You can Download Google Play Services Apk Free from the button Below.


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